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We are excited to announce the first of four albums has been completed on the music of Florence Price for piano by Dr. Karen Walwyn!!

Now that the first album of four has been completed and will have been officially released on April 9, 2022, by Dr. Karen Walwyn, we look forward to the completion of the second album! Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the expenses of the recording and manufacturing of the album. All donations are appreciated. Please check back on four Florence Price News for updates.

The research for Dr. Walwyn’s recording project included her trips to Little Rock, and Fayetteville, Arkansas. She visited Special Collections at the University of Arkansas to read through and look at the manuscripts, photographs and letters of Ms. Price. She visited the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center in Little Rock which houses an abundance of history of Little Rock and on Florence Price. It is here and in the Paul Laurence Dunbar Historic District, the home of Florence Price, where the rich and complex roots of Ms. Price would be absorbed and relived through the scores of her music.

Dr. Walwyn plans to return to Chicago for further research where Ms. Price spent the last half of her life.

Your donations will make this a most successful recording project as many of the works will be premiere recordings. Thank you again for your consideration.

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Florence Price Recording Project

Dr. Walwyn looks forward to completing the second of four volumes of music for solo piano and some chamber works of Florence Price. She anticipates the completion for the second volume by July 2023. Most of the works to be recorded will be premiere recordings. It continues to be a very exciting project, and we hope that you will check back to see how things are coming along!

We are accepting donations toward the recording project.

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